The Missy Tour – A Shared Journey (DC)

Many, many years ago when we first visited my hometown together, I took my love around town to show off all the locations where the highlights of my pre-us life occurred. I called it the Missy Tour (my childhood nickname and now pet name). Here is where Missy went to high school. Here is where Missy spent her summers. This is the parking lot where Missy learned to drive.

When you love someone, its hard to imagine that there were important moments that weren’t shared. Somehow, the Missy Tour turned those moments into a shared journey. Last year we went to Iowa where, for the first time, I went on My Love’s Tour. Now I have a different connection with those stories I’ve heard a million times. I’ve been there. We’ve been there, together.



In response to the weekly Discover Challenge – Shared Journeys


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