Names (PC)

Photo Challenge: Names Advertisements

Sneak peek inside

I love this picture of Ginger, inside the car, through the passenger side mirror on the Glenora Ferry. She’s a lady, so it’s appropriate that she isn’t hanging out the window like other dogs. Daily Prompt: Interior

Happy New Year

Breathe in the new year Feel its possibilities Fill its space with joy Daily Prompt: Year Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt: Feel & Space

Two (DC)

The Discover Challenge is numbers. I chose two. Best friends kayaking on eastern Lake Ontario.

Tiny (WPC)

The Weekly Photo Challenge is to show tiny.

The Missy Tour – A Shared Journey (DC)

Many, many years ago when we first visited my hometown together, I took my love around town to show off all the locations where the highlights of my pre-us life occurred. I called it the Missy Tour (my childhood nickname and now pet name). Here is where Missy went to high school. Here is where…

Cherry on top (WPC)

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to show thing that takes a good thing and makes it better.

Nature is healing

Whenever I find myself too caught up in my stressful, citified life I escape to nature so I can breathe.

Flower naughty bits

When I got my macro lens for my birthday a year ago, I became fascinated by flowers – pollen and stamens in particular.